PHP BookIn is an online bookmarks manager that you can use to share your bookmarks across the Net.

Please note that PHP BookIn is a PHP (!) application you may install on your webserver. It's not a service you may use as del.icio.us or furl.


Demo site

You may test PHP BookIn. The login/password are demo/demo.

Why (<mylife>)

I create this small app because I'm tired of looking for the damn smart URL I found two weeks ago but is stored on my home computer and not at my office. And I don't like the idea of leaving all my urls in a database like delicious or google service. The problem is not the sharing part but the lack of control on what can make these societies with my datas. I'm pretty sure that for now everything is ok and the big bosses are clear and honest. But it may change.

There's something else I don't like with the delicious (and other flavors) : the tagging. The tag concept is that you just tag your URL with some words you find adequate. It's a flat sorting. Then when you're searching an URL, you just type some words (like in google) and pray to find the right result.

I dont like this approach, even if it has some advantages (you may put many tags on one URL). I like best the classic hierarchical sort. Like on your hard disk : you have /, /etc/ /etc/X11/, /etc/bind/, and so on. I find that this is easier to find a URL with this top/down approach.

So this app is usefull if you want access to your bookmarks from any computer connected on the big web of Internet, and if you like the classic hierarchical sort.


You may contact me by mail. See the credits page.